A mid-century style is still going strong and as chic as ever, but even more glam, with bright, the Seventies- influenced colours thrown in

It is pretty tricky nowadays to ignore the vintage wave which is currently extremely popular, especially among young people. It is an affordable style that leaves room for a good dose of fantasy. No matter your decorating style, there is no reason why you should not yield to this retro wave, particularly if you have a nostalgic fibre. Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of this vintage home decor trend.

But, Before you start to make a Retro Style to your house be concerned with the materials that you will be used because retro things always related with vintage properties and it sometimes contain harmful elements because of the age of those kinds of stuff. Especially, if it contains asbestos, it dangerous for health, so you may need helps from professionals like Asbestos Removal Perth home is protection don’t let home harm you.

Here are view tips that can help you to make a Retro Style to your House:

Source: realestate.com.au

Give it an industrial vibe

Take a typical mid-century sofa – low, square lines and tapered legs – and combine with metal framed furniture.

Choose an abstract print

Try the trend by choosing bed linen in soft colours on a white background and add plush velvet cushions.

Buy a work-of-art vase or three

For a low-clutter look, display a curated collection of stoneware vases mixed in with modern objects.


Rethink the iconic teak cabinet and opt for a lighter finish, make sure it’s still streamlined with detailed craftsmanship and slim legs.

Give your styling a boho twist

Add some relaxed, the Seventies-inspired styling by layering on textured details such as a large tasselled wall hanging and shaggy rug.

UPDATE YOUR LIGHTING Hang a trio of pendant lights to create the mid-century minimalist version of a chandelier.

Work in some blush shades

Usually, the preserve of Scandinavian and modern- glam schemes, blush pink has finally made its way into the mid-century retro look. It’s the perfect colour to make bold shades pop and enhance more muted tones.

Colour-block for impact

Bored with your bedroom? Paint an eye-catching teal feature wall behind your bed, then reupholster your headboard in a shade of zingy mustard. Done!

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