My name is Diana. I am animator and beauty expert, and then I am also blogger beauty. I have a cat called Miaw who likes cheese croquettes. And overall I am happy in life. I was born in the small city. I finished my bachelor in 2009 majoring English. In 2011, I got a scholarship to continue my master in London.

I did not know what I wanted to do after graduating. One thing for sure I only want to write. I wanted to be a really great journalist. But how? The only thing that I could think of that time was enrolling myself to a school of journalism. Surely, it cost me a lot, but it’s okay since it’s to achieve my dream.

Finally, I got what I have always wanted. I worked as a journalist but all of the sudden, I got interested in animation and makeup. Again, I enrolled myself in a school of animation but not for makeup. I learned that via Youtube and books. Here, I am now ended up as a freelance animator and a beauty blogger. Confused? My parents felt the same way, but then they gave up seeing how I can live happily.


I do really enjoy my life as an animator and a blogger.