The Basics Knowledge About Mechanical Ventilation for Your Home

mechanical ventilation

Tightening up an old residence or building a limited new one indicates that you can’t leave ventilation to arbitrary leaks any longer. You have to regulate it.

Whole-house mechanical air flow is the willful exchange of indoor air with fresh outdoor air at a regulated rate using fans. Its objective is to improve interior air top quality. Historically, mechanical air flow was restricted to local-exhaust (kitchen area and bathroom exhaust followers) for place control of dampness and also smells. Residences typically had adequate natural ventilation, via leaky building rooms, that air flow was not necessary.

Residences have come to be considerably tighter during the past 15-20 years as an outcome of altering codes, energy performance programs and a general desire to reduce energy usage.

Benefits of whole-house mechanical ventilation consist of:

mechanical ventilation
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  • A consistent supply of exterior air for boosted indoor air quality and also resident comfort
  • Regulation over the amount and also resource of outdoor air
  • Thinning of interior contaminants, such as odors and also allergens
  • Helps control family member humidity and reduce wetness buildup throughout the home heating or temperate periods

Various Kinds Of Mechanical Ventilation

There are three kinds of whole-house mechanical air flow systems: exhaust-only, supply-only, as well as balanced. Each system makes use of a mix of followers, ducting, dampers and controls, as well as they each have various pros, cons, and expenses accompanying them.

Exhaust-Only Air flow

Exhaust-only air flow has a tendency to contain a fan, commonly a bath follower, tiring interior air. Outside makeup air is drawn into your house with leaks in the building’s unit.


  • Contaminants might be drawn into your home from an attic room, garage, crawlspace or wall dental caries
  • Possible to attract moist outdoor air into the wall surface tooth cavity that could condense during the air conditioning period as well as cause wetness troubles, especially in warm and humid climates
  • Can cause or add to back-drafting of combustion home appliances
  • Lowest set up expense and also reduced operating expense

Supply-Only Air flow

Supply-only ventilation includes a follower drawing exterior air right into your house. Indoor air leaves through the structure room as well as exhaust fan air ducts.

Supply-only can be a committed system, or more frequently a central-fan integrated (CFI) system. With a CFI system, outdoor air is ducted to the return plenum of a COOLING AND HEATING air trainer that pulls in and disperses the outdoor air.


  • Minimizes pollutants getting in with the building unit
  • Outdoor air is drawn from a solitary, known area for finest air high quality
  • Potential to drive wet indoor air right into the wall tooth cavity that could condense and trigger dampness problems throughout the home heating period in chillier environments
  • Reduced set up expense, however for a CFI system, the electronically commutated motor might increase the initial expense and also operating expense may be greater

Well balanced Ventilation

Well balanced ventilation systems are a mix of exhaust as well as supply techniques about providing equal indoor exhaust and also outdoor supply air flows (e.g. an exhaust fan incorporated with a supply follower or passive inlet vents).

A well balanced system might include a heat healing ventilator (HRV) or a power recovery ventilator (ERV).


  • An HRV moves a portion of the heat between the exhaust air as well as the fresh air; an ERV transfers warm and dampness
  • An HRV or ERV gives the benefits, but restricts the disadvantages, of supply-only and also exhaust-only techniques
  • Frequently, an HRV is recommended for completely dry, chilly climates as well as an ERV is advised for moist, warm environments
  • Greatest set up price for HRV or ERV due to tools and also additional ducting

There are pros and cons per kind of mechanical air flow however one kind might work far better for your residence than the other two. By speaking with a licensed professional, you can much better your home’s air high quality with the appropriate mechanical air flow system.

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