Top Tips From The Expert: 5 Home Remodeling Don’ts

5 home remodeling

Either you work with a contractor or act as one on your project, looking around the mind of an entrepreneur can give you a new perspective on renovation projects throughout your home.

I have learned a lot about working as a contractor and some of these lessons can also help homeowners. What you do is as important as what you do not do and sometimes the homeowner’s instinct can negatively impact the extension project.

How do you know if you help or hurt your project? Read on to find out and see what can help simplify your home renovation.

Do not delay the decision: If you want your remodeling project to be fine, the best thing to do is make every decision before starting work. A good builder can talk through a list of situations that may arrive at his job, but late decision-making about the situation is usually the cause of the delay. Instead, most issues are related to decisions about things like paint selection, finishing, and tap. It may seem small, but when your tap is two weeks late, the plumbing must be reprogrammed and the medicine cabinet door touches the faucet when it is installed, you will see how something small can be auctioned off in a week.

Do not change your mind (too much): While it cannot be denied that you often changed your mind on something in your project, know: every time you change your mind, it will make a difference. While the changes may seem small, there is always additional cost – even if you just spend the time to discuss the change. Planning can also be affected. Everyone working in the workplace should be informed of the changes so that nothing works according to the old plan. Everyone makes changes, and that’s okay – quite aware of the potential to stop and postpone work.

Do not buy your own materials: It seems like an obvious way to save money – builders will mark-up material costs and pass the additional costs for you. This is true, but builders can get a better price from scratch, which means that even after markup, you will pay the same price.

Do not put lipstick on pigs: Although a builder rarely comes out and says this, some homes have to be torn down rather than having to put the money to repair or fix them. Although this is a rare situation, usually people put money into luxury lockers for homes with slack foundations, or high efficiency ovens at home without isolation. Listen to the professionals who come to do their work. Open to their suggestions.

Do not work without an emergency fund. If you find that the work you want to do is more than you expected or budgeted for, you’re in a good hand. Hardly anyone has set a realistic budget for a project. But do not use your emergency money to expand the budget. If you follow the number one rule and make all decision ahead of time, you might be able to beat a 5 percent contingency if you have a good general contractor.

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